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G-POS is an IBM POS-Integrated POS Solution that you can use to manage a Fuel Station attached to a Supermarket Store or a C-Store.

The Operator inside the Fuel Kiosk has a touch-screen GUI interface to view and manage real-time Pump Activity - and an IBM 4694 (or compatible) Register for ringing up and tendering sale transactions.

Besides supporting the basic fuel station functionality such as

  • Pay@Pump (P@P) Transactions with Loyalty Card and Payment Card

  • Pay Inside (or Post-Pay) - Fuel only or with Non-Fuel items

  • Pre-Pay and complete transaction at the Pump

  • Pre-Pay and settle inside kiosk after pumping

G-POS is fully integrated with IBM's SA (Supermarket Application). This integration enables you to:

  • use a common Payment System for both the Pump and In-Kiosk transactions

  • have different Grades of Fuel set up just like other items on the IBM POS Controller

  • use IBM's Electronic Marketing (EM) to offer promotions spanning Fuel and Non-Fuel items

  • support your Loyalty Card both at the Pump and inside the Kiosk

  • make the Receipt at the Pump consistent with the Receipt inside the Kiosk.


  • Pay@Pump transactions are 'automagically' completed through the Supermarket Application.

  • Pump can be activated automatically or can be activated by the Kiosk Operator in response to a customer lifting the nozzle at the Pump.

  • When a Loyalty Card is swiped at the Pump, the displayed prices drop to reflect the discount.

  • G-POS Supports Single or Multiple Checkout Lanes inside the Fuel Kiosk.

  • Sale data from the Pump is transferred automatically and one receipt is printed on the IBM Register's Printer that includes both fuel and non-fuel items that the customer purchased.

  • G-POS allows you to ring up fuel and non-fuel items on the IBM Register inside the Fuel Kiosk. Thus, supermarkets can provide the same look-and-feel and interactions to the customer inside the fuel kiosk as they would inside the store.

  • G-POS can be easily integrated with back-office, tank monitoring, car wash and other systems.

  • G-POS has a modular and open-systems architecture to allow ease of installation and cross system integration.

  • G-POS can support both unattended as well attended fuel sites.


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