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TriSoft Solutions is a software solutions and services company that is focused on the retail industry.

We are headquartered in Silicon Valley in California. Thank you for visiting us.
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TriSoft's innovative suite of solutions include:

TestMate: An automated Testing Solution for IBM POS applications that allows you to record and playback Test Scripts. TestMate can be used for Regression Testing, Load Testing, Stress Testing and Performance Testing.

OmniPOS: IBM POS Terminal Simulator that allows you to run IBM POS transactions against any Store Controller on your Corporate Network.

MiniPOS, BatchPOS and ServicePOS: These are IBM POS Application Simulation and Extension Solutions. BatchPOS and ServicePOS solutions allow retailers to access their IBM POS application functionality even from non-IBM POS applications.
MiniPOS allows retailers to run IBM POS transactions on small UI non-IBM POS devices such as PDAs and Wireless Terminals.

KwikShop and KwikDeli: Multi-Channel Online Shopping Applications integrated with the IBM POS that support access through the Web, PDA, Cell Phone and IVR.

G-POS: (Gas-POS) is an Integrated Fuel Solution that is fully integrated with the Supermarket Application.

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