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KwikShop is a Multi-Channel Online Shopping Application coupled with the IBM POS for Retailers who wish to provide their customers a shopping experience that is well integrated across 'bricks' and 'clicks'.

KwikShop supports access through the Web, PDA, Cell Phone, IntelliPen and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems.

KwikShop allows Retailers to leverage their existing store infrastructure along with the expanded reach of the Internet to offer a more satisfying shopping experience to their customers.

KwikShop's multiple channels allow retailers to offer their customers an anytime, anywhere shopping experience to build loyalty and attract new customers.

KwikShop's support of 'delivery', 'in-store pickup' and drive-through models allows retailers to offer convenient options in line with the needs of their customers.


Customers can have their personal preferences such as favorite store, favorite delivery/pickup time etc. stored and used to enhance their shopping experience.

KwikShop offers several different ways to order when they are online.

My Offers: Available special offers are shown at the time of log in.

Express Shopping: Start with a shopping list.

Browse Aisles: Browse aisles to shop by category.

My Lists: Lists personalized by the Customer.

Starter Lists: Retailer suggested lists based on customer demographics.
Available lists can be tied to the time of the year. For example, Thanksgiving themed lists are shown before Thanksgiving.

Previous Orders: Use items from previous orders.

IntelliPen: Upload shopping list with IntelliPen.

Search 'n' Select: Use keyword search to shop.

Customer's past buying behavior is used to make subsequent shopping more convenient. For example, when a customer does a search for bread, his favorite bread shows up right at the top of the search results.

Special offers can also be made available to customers during their shopping experience. For example, when customer is shopping based on "My Lists", specific brands can be promoted to the customer. When a customer does a search, along with their favorite item, a 'sponsored' item can also be shown.

Different features such as promotional offers or predictability can be turned off based on customer preferences.

Intelligent Inference Engine to minimize 'clicks' when customer is shopping using a small UI device such as PDA or cell phone.

Retailers can choose to install KwikShop in-house or use it as a hosted service.

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