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IBM POS Integration and Extension Solutions:

TriSoft's IBM POS Application Integration and Extension Solutions allow retailers to leverage and re-use the feature-rich functionality that has been developed over a period of time in their IBM POS applications.

Since the IBM POS application functionality is re-used, retailers are not 're-inventing the wheel' and this reduces their development, maintenance and testing efforts. Also, since all sale data goes through the IBM POS application, this ensures that all data is available in one repository for any data analysis and warehousing applications.


MiniPOS allows retailers to run IBM POS transactions on small UI non-IBM POS devices such as PDA's, Cell Phones and Wireless Terminals. MiniPOS can be implemented on wireless web enabled devices as well as wireless LAN enabled devices. Given that MiniPOS has a small memory footprint and that its OS requirements are minimal, it can even be implemented on older DOS based handheld PDT's (Portable Data Terminals).

Call us today and see how you can do an IBM POS transaction on your web enabled Cell Phone or PDA going against a Store Controller in our lab!

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