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If you thought that you could run an IBM POS checkout transaction only in an IBM POS Lab,
think again …. and …… think OmniPOS!

OmniPOS is a 4694 (or compatible) POS Terminal Simulator. OmniPOS allows you to simulate a Terminal along with peripherals in Windows or Linux environments.

OmniPOS simulated Terminal can connect to any IBM POS Controller on your Corporate Network. Thus users can run an IBM POS transaction against any Store Controller (as long as they have been given access) right from their desktop.

OmniPOS allows you to simulate multiple Terminals on your Desktop – something that is quite a hardware intensive task with physical terminals.

OmniPOS is an all Software Solution that runs on Windows (or Linux) based Machines. So it is easy to set up and use.


  • Simulate different peripherals such as Displays, Keyboards, Scanners, MSR, Printers, Scale etc.

  • OmniPOS captures and makes available to you the display and printer outputs.
    Receipt Output can be printed on any local or network printer.

  • Simulate multiple Terminals on your desktop - with each Terminal potentially connecting to a different IBM POS Controller. Thus, from your desktop, you can run different versions or different releases of the Terminal Sales Application.

  • You can configure the simulated keyboard by modifying the underlying XML data files.


Given that OmniPOS allows you to run IBM POS transactions right at your desktop - and off any Store Controller on your Corporate network, its usage is limited only by your imagination!

  • Set up a bank of Store Controllers (say with different releases or different versions) of the IBM POS application - and have them always available for any development, testing, application support, training, marketing, (or other departments') personnel to run IBM POS transactions against.

  • IT Staff can run IBM POS applications from home! This eliminates the need to come in to work in response to support calls during off-hours.

  • Show new or modified IBM POS application functionality to remote marketing and promotions personnel or to get their feedback.

  • Train new users to run checkout transactions right at their desktop!

  • Customer Care / Customer Service Department personnel can run IBM POS transactions against a live Store Controler (in Training Mode) to better respond to customer queries.

  • Those responsible for creating the POS application documentation can study and document the application behavior by running transactions right at their desktop. They can also capture screen shots to enhance their documentation.

  • Application Development Group members can see the results of their programming efforts right immediately by having the ability to run IBM POS transactions at their desktop.

  • Capture Receipt Output as a file and email it to outside Vendors to report problems instead of faxing the receipt.

  • Your Offsite Vendor can run IBM POS transactions against your Controller to observe a reported problem - instead of the Vendor spending a lot of effort to replicate the problem in their Lab.


Security settings are kept in the User's Profile.

  • At the time of log-in, the user is provided a set of store controllers that s/he can connect to.

  • The set of store controllers available to a user can be restricted.

  • The set of terminal numbers that can be used when connecting to a store controller can be restricted.

  • Management can restrict whether the user can only run in training mode or the real mode.

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