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IBM POS Integration and Extension Solutions:


ServicePOS is a set of services that allow retailers to access their IBM POS application functionality and make that functionality available to non-IBM POS applications.

These services include:

1. GetPrice: To get the price of an item for a specific customer
2. FinTran: To complete a sale transaction within the IBM POS application
3. InitTran: To "Automagically" initiate transactions on an IBM POS Register
4. PreAuth: To preauthorize a Payment Card with the IBM POS Application's Payment System

Some applications of ServicePOS are:

1. Make special offers available on mobile devices when a customer swipes their loyalty card on the device within a store.
2. Drop prices at the gas station pump when a customer swipes her loyalty card.
3. Sell Gift Cards that are sold today in the store also from an 800-number Gift Card Sales Center.
4. Offer location-aware and aisle-specific shopping suggestions to customers as they walk along with mobile devices within a store.

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