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TestMate is an automated testing tool for IBM POS applications. TestMate greatly enhances your ability to automate IBM POS application testing - and thus relieves your testing staff from doing repetitive taks!

TestMate can be used for Regression Testing, Load (Multiple Terminal) Testing, Stress Testing and Performance Testing.

TestMate is an all Software Solution that runs on Windows based Machines. So it is easy to set up and use.

TestMate allows you to run your Test Scripts against any Store Controller on your Corporate Network.


  • TestMate gives you the ability to run Terminal Test cases (even complex ones) to simulate an actual store environment.

  • TestMate allows you to choose a set of scripts. Thus, you can create a library of scripts and mix and match them to create different test case scenarios.

  • TestMate allows you to run a set of Test Scripts multiple times. These scripts can be run unattended and the run log is available for review. Thus, you can leave a set of scripts running overnight and have the log available for review next morning. This can be used to replicate those errors that are difficult to trap manually.

  • When running a set of scripts, you can Pause (e.g. to check Controller files or change settings) and then Resume.

  • TestMate allows you to simulate a Terminal and its peripherals. Any transactions that you do on this simulated Terminal can be recorded and stored as a Test Script. These Script files can be played back later.

  • Test Scripts are stored as text files. These text files are easy to understand and modify and do not require any programming experience. Test Scripts can be edited using any standard Text Editor. These can be stored and re-used.

  • Display and Print outputs resulting from the running of Test Scripts are also captured and stored. An 'intelligent' comparison is done of these outputs with base outputs - ignoring obvious differences such as date-timestamps and store numbers. This 'intelligent' comparison is configurable by the user - so that the user can specify which output components are to be ignored for comparison purposes.

  • Current run vs. base outputs comparison is provided in an intuitive, easy to understand GUI (see diagram).

  • Test Script Files are easy to read and edit as they are saved in Standard Text Formats. Maintaining and understanding these Text Files does not need any Programming Knowledge.


There are many possible ways in which TestMate can be used.

  • Development Team members can use TestMate to run a set of test scripts to test code changes. The automated comparison of outputs eliminates errors that may be missed by manual scanning.

  • Testing and QA group members can use TestMate to automate Regression Testing.

  • TestMate can be used by Application Support Team members to review and diagnose reported problems.

  • A set of Test Scripts can be run continuously through multiple Terminals for Load Testing. This can be used to monitor not only the controller's disk and memory usage but also how the payment system is able to handle the traffic generated by multiple transactions.
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